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On March 21, 2020, a piece of news sent world football into sadness.


Former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz died of new crown pneumonia at the age of 76.

皇家马德里前总统洛伦佐·桑兹(Lorenzo Sanz)因新的冠状肺炎去世,享年76岁。

According to Sanz’s eldest son, Fernando, Sanz developed a fever as early as March 11, and he was subsequently sent to the ICU ward for emergency treatment on March 17. Soon after, Sens's lungs began to show signs of inflammation, and eventually died of lung infection, respiratory failure, and kidney failure.


For the old fans who have been following Real Madrid for many years, Real Madrid under Sanz must have left them very fond memories. During his tenure, the Spaniard helped the White Coat to win two Champions League titles, a La Liga title, a Western Super Cup title and a Club World Cup title through reasonable operations. It can be said that Sanz's reform of Real Madrid's entire system at the end of the 20th century laid a solid foundation for the team's full rise in the new century. His various contributions to the White Coat cannot be ignored. In this article, we will take you back to the era when Senz was the chairman of Real Madrid, revisiting the long journey of the White Coated Legion to the top.

对于已经追随皇马多年的老球迷来说,桑兹统治下的皇马一定给他们留下了非常美好的回忆。在他任职期间,西班牙人通过合理的操作帮助白大衣赢得了两个冠军联赛冠军,西甲冠军,西部超级杯冠军和俱乐部世界杯冠军。可以说,桑兹在20世纪末对皇马整个体系进行了改革,为球队在新世纪的全面崛起奠定了坚实的基础。他对白大衣的各种贡献不容忽视。在本文中,我们将带您回到Senz担任皇家马德里董事长的时代,重新审视White Coated Legion登顶的漫长旅程。

Real Madrid's most distinguished chairman-Mr. Santiago Bernabeu


As a super giant who has completed five consecutive Champions League hegemonies, Real Madrid, under the leadership of Santiago Bernabeu, has created a series of brilliant records beyond the reach of future generations. However, with the departure of a series of meritorious players from the White Coats and the loan crunch caused by the team’s poor performance in the European game, Real Madrid experienced a five-year "dark period" after 1980 (only during the period) Won a domestic cup championship).

作为连续五次夺冠的超级巨人,皇家马德里在伯纳乌(Santiago Bernabeu)的领导下创造了一系列后代无法超越的辉煌战绩。然而,随着一系列有功球员离开白大衣,以及由于球队在欧洲比赛中表现不佳造成的贷款紧缩,皇家马德里在1980年之后经历了一个五年的“黑暗期”(仅在此期间)国内杯冠军)。

In this context, the youth training system that Real Madrid has been paying attention to for many years finally came into play. They delivered José Miguel González Martín del Campo to the first team in time when the club’s signing funds were quite distressed. ), Emilio Butragueño (Emilio Butragueño), Padsa (Miguel Pardeza Pichardo), Rafael Martin-Vazquez (Rafael Martin-Vazquez), Manolo Sanchis (Manolo Sanchís) 5 talented young players. Due to the sharp offensive cooperation of these five players and the high-pressure characteristics of the game at the time, they were also called the "Real Madrid Five Eagles" by the world.

在这种情况下,皇家马德里多年来一直关注的青年训练体系终于开始发挥作用。当俱乐部的签约资金非常苦恼时,他们及时将何塞·米格尔·冈萨雷斯·马丁·坎普送给了第一支球队。 ),埃米利奥·布特拉格尼奥(EmilioButragueño),帕德萨(米格尔·帕德萨·皮卡多),拉斐尔·马丁·巴斯克斯(Rafael Martin-Vazquez),马诺洛·桑奇斯(ManoloSanchís)5位才华横溢的年轻球员。由于这五名球员之间的尖锐进攻配合以及当时比赛的高压特征,他们也被全世界称为“皇家马德里五鹰队”。

Ugo Sanchez

乌戈·桑切斯(Ugo Sanchez)

The arrival of the "Five Eagles" gave the Real Madrid offensive line a renewed brilliance. At the same time, Real Madrid is also looking for outstanding foreign players like Hugo Sánchez and Jorge Alberto Valdano in the transfer market. Beginning in 1986, the Belgian has won the La Liga championship for 5 consecutive seasons, achieving the second five consecutive league championships in the history of Real Madrid (the first five consecutive championships were in 1960-1964).


During Real Madrid's five La Liga championships, the strong offensive strength of the "Vultures" made the entire Spanish football world frightened. Real Madrid has scored an astonishing 87.4 goals in the season over the past five years. Not only was it difficult to find rivals in world football at the time, but it is still a prestigious existence today. At the same time, Mexican striker Hugo Sanchez, who was not valued by fans before, became La Liga's top scorer five times between 1985 and 1990.

在皇家马德里五次西甲冠军赛期间,“秃鹰队”强大的进攻力量使整个西班牙足球界感到恐惧。在过去五年中,皇家马德里本赛季取得了惊人的87.4个进球。在当时不仅很难找到世界足球比赛的对手,而且今天仍然是享有盛誉的存在。同时,墨西哥前锋雨果·桑切斯(Hugo Sanchez)在1985年至1990年之间五次成为西甲的最佳射手,他以前从未受到球迷的重视。

Why spend a lot of space to introduce you to a series of glorious honors of Real Madrid in the late 1980s? Because only by understanding the majestic and heroic demeanor of the Royal Horses at that time, we can have a deeper understanding of their despair in the dark in the early 90s.




Heroes are the most helpless when they are late. After entering the 1990s, with Camacho, Hugo Sanchez and other meritorious players leaving the team, Real Madrid was limited by the decline of paper strength and began to embark on a path of decline. At the same time, the mortal enemy of the White Coats Barcelona ushered in a glorious period under the leadership of the Dutch coach Johan Cruyff. They not only won the La Liga championship for 4 consecutive seasons, but also sat on Koman, Romario, Sabonis and other super stars.

英雄迟到最无助。进入1990年代后,卡马乔(Camacho),桑戈斯(Hugo Sanchez)和其他有功的球员离开了球队,皇马受到纸面实力下降的限制,并开始走上下降之路。同时,在荷兰教练约翰·克鲁伊夫(Johan Cruyff)的领导下,巴塞罗那白色外套的致命敌人迎来了辉煌的时期。他们不仅连续4个赛季赢得西甲冠军,而且还坐拥科曼,罗马里奥,萨博尼斯和其他超级巨星。

1995~1996 season La Liga standings


In order to reverse the situation of poverty and weakness, the then chairman of Real Madrid Ramon Mendoza also urged the introduction of Ivan Zamorano, Luis Enrique, Michel Laudrup and other stars. , I hope to reproduce the glory of the late 1980s. However, in general, Real Madrid was in frequent turmoil from the coaching team to the main lineup at the time. Benjaque, Antini, Di Stefano and Valdano all served as white clothes during this period. Legion coach, but they have never been able to stabilize the team's record in the popular ranks (Real Madrid won the La Liga championship in the 1994-1995 season, but overall results are not stable). By the 1995-1996 season, Real Madrid ranked sixth in La Liga with a record of 20 wins, 10 draws and 12 losses with 70 points. Not only was it a long way from the league championship, it was even impossible to qualify for the Champions League.

为了扭转贫困和软弱的局面,当时的皇马主席拉蒙·门多萨还敦促引进伊凡·萨莫拉诺,路易斯·恩里克,米歇尔·劳德鲁普等明星。 ,我希望重现1980年代后期的辉煌。但是,总的来说,皇马当时从教练队到主力阵容经常动荡。在此期间,本杰克(Benjaque),安提尼(Antini),迪斯特凡诺(Di Stefano)和瓦尔达诺(Valdano)都曾作为白色衣服。军团教练,但他们一直无法稳定球队在大众队伍中的战绩(皇家马德里在1994-1995赛季赢得了西甲冠军,但总体成绩并不稳定)。到1995-1996赛季,皇家马德里以20胜10平12负的战绩,以70分排名西甲第六。这不仅距离联赛冠军还有很长的路要走,甚至没有资格获得欧洲冠军联赛。

The poor performance made the then Real Madrid chairman Ramon Mendoza's various business errors have been constantly criticized by people. Soon after, the Spaniard who had served as Real Madrid chairman for 10 years was forced to resign.

糟糕的表现使当时的皇马主席拉蒙·门多萨(Ramon Mendoza)的各种商业失误不断受到人们的批评。此后不久,担任皇家马德里主席10年的西班牙人被迫辞职。

Fans who know more about Mendoza must know that the Spaniard has been considered the greatest chairman in the history of Real Madrid for a long time except for the Bernabeu. During his tenure, he helped the White Coats win 6 La Liga League champion, 2 Spanish Cup champions, 1 UEFA Cup champion, 3 Spanish Super Cup champions and 1 Spanish League Cup champion.

对门多萨有更多了解的球迷们必须知道,除了伯纳乌之外,西班牙人一直被认为是皇马历史上最伟大的主席。在任职期间,他帮助White Coats赢得了6个西甲联赛冠军,2个西班牙杯冠军,1个欧洲联盟杯冠军,3个西班牙超级杯冠军和1个西班牙联赛冠军。

The many glories in the past are undoubtedly good memories for Real Madrid fans, but for Mendoza's successor Sanz, it is an invisible pressure. On November 26, 1995, the then 52-year-old Sanz formally became the new chairman of Real Madrid. He also shouldered the mission of leading the White Coats out of the current predicament.

对于皇马球迷来说,过去的许多辉煌无疑是美好的回忆,但是对于门多萨的继任者桑兹来说,这是无形的压力。 1995年11月26日,时年52岁的桑兹正式成为皇家马德里的新董事长。他还肩负了领导白色外套摆脱当前困境的使命。

After the failed 1995-1996 season, Sanz immediately set about drastically reforming the coaching team and basic personnel structure of the White Coat. The Spanish businessman who knows a lot about Real Madrid’s management is keenly aware that at the time, a celebrity with little coaching experience could not fully control the Real Madrid dressing room where the superstars are gathered, and wanted to combine the stars of the White Corps in one place. It is necessary to find a world-class coach with rich experience and brilliant resume.

在失败的1995-1996赛季之后,桑兹立即着手彻底改革White Coat的教练组和基本人员结构。这位对皇马的管理了解很多的西班牙商人敏锐地意识到,当时,没有教练经验的名人无法完全控制聚集超级巨星的皇马更衣室,并希望合并白军的明星在一个地方。必须找到一位经验丰富,履历辉煌的世界级教练。

Fabio Capello (picture from AC Milan official website)


Where to find a world-class coach? At that time, Sanz naturally set his sights on the Serie A league with the reputation of "Little World Cup". At that time, AC Milan was in an extremely glorious period in history. Under the leadership of the Italian coach Fabio Capello (Fabio Capello), they won 4 Serie A titles and 1 UEFA Champions League. They were even more in 1991~1993. This season set a record of 58 unbeaten league games. Sanz hopes to invite this honorable Italian coach with a high salary.

在哪里可以找到世界一流的教练?当时,桑兹自然以“小世界杯”的美誉着眼于意甲联赛。当时,AC米兰处于历史上极为辉煌的时期。在意大利教练卡佩罗(Fabio Capello)的领导下,他们赢得了4个意甲冠军和1个欧洲冠军联赛。 1991〜1993年甚至更多。这个赛季创造了58场不败的联赛纪录。桑兹希望能邀请这位高薪的意大利教练。

From today's point of view, Capello was definitely the most famous football coach in the world at that time. However, the editor believes that Sanz’s reason for choosing Capello is not limited to the reputation of the Italian coach. His high attention to team discipline and respect for defensive stability are the real reasons for Sanz’s choice.


As shown in the picture above, Real Madrid scored a total of 75 goals in 42 La Liga games in the 1995-1996 season, which is exactly the same as Atletico Madrid, which won the championship. However, compared to the outstanding offensive performance, Real Madrid's defensive performance in the 1995-1996 season is unsatisfactory. They have conceded 51 goals in 42 La Liga games and averaged 1.21 goals per game. Far more than Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Espanyol. It is precisely because of poor defensive performance that Real Madrid can't squeeze into the top five with a good offensive performance.


It can be said that defense has become the biggest problem that plagued Real Madrid at that time. They do not lack the world's top defensive players, but limited by the team's relatively lazy overall state, they have never been able to show their due strength. Under such a background environment, Capello, who is a strict and defensive "Italian coach", can effectively make up for the defensive vacancy of the White Coat.


After finding a suitable head coach, Sanz's major transformation of the first team also started randomly. With the assistance of Capello, he introduced Clarence Seedorf, Davor Šuker, Roberto Carlos, Predrag Miatto Predrag Mijatović, Christian Panucci and others. Among them, Panucci, Roberto Carlos and Seedorf had previously played in Serie A, and the three of them were able to seamlessly integrate into Capello's high-intensity defensive tactics system after coming to the team.

在找到合适的主教练之后,桑兹对一队的重大转型也从零开始。在Capello的协助下,他介绍了Clarence Seedorf,DavorŠuker,Roberto Carlos,Predrag Miatto PredragMijatović,Christian Panucci等人。其中,帕努奇(Panucci),罗伯托·卡洛斯(Roberto Carlos)和西多夫(Seedorf)此前曾效力过意甲,而他们三人在加入球队后便能够无缝整合到卡佩罗的高强度防守战术系统中。

Capello (picture from Real Madrid official website)


The complete staffing and clear tactical direction make the new season's White Corps seem like a fish in water on both offense and defense. However, as the season progressed, the contradictions between Capello and the Real Madrid dressing room gradually emerged: many big-name stars expressed dissatisfaction with Capello’s overly strict military style, and Capello was also "unfriendly". "My personality gradually lost my grasp of the dressing room of the White Corps.

完整的人员配备和明确的战术方向使新赛季的白军在进攻和防守上都像一条鱼。但是,随着赛季的进行,卡佩罗与皇马更衣室之间的矛盾逐渐浮出水面:许多大牌球星对卡佩罗过分严格的军事风格表示不满,卡佩罗也“不友好”。 “我的性格逐渐使我失去了对白军更衣室的掌握。

In addition to the various conflicts with the members of the dressing room, the relationship between Capello and Sanz also began to crack.


1996~1997 season La Liga standings


Although Capello has done a terrible coordination with the club's top management and the players, he has brought a tangible improvement to the team during his first season coaching Real Madrid. In the 1996-1997 season, the White Coats finally achieved 27 wins, 11 draws, 4 losses and 92 points. They defeated the Red and Blues Barcelona to regain the La Liga championship by two points. More importantly, Capello constructed a strong defense line that can withstand the wind and rain for the White Coat. They only conceded 36 goals in 42 games that season, which is the exception of La Coruña. The team with the least number of goals conceded outside (Deportivo conceded 30 goals that season).


How to define Capello's first coaching of Real Madrid? I think the Italian made Sanz deeply aware that the goals set by a team like Real Madrid are by no means limited to winning the championship. Gorgeous style and smooth offense are even more important than victory in some cases. It is also based on this consideration that Sanz's selection of Real Madrid coaches is determined at the level of "advocating offensive football".


Heynckes (picture from Real Madrid official website)


On the eve of the 1997-1998 season, Sanz invited the German head coach Josef Heynckes from the Spanish Football Club Tenerife. Sanz hopes that the German coach can regain Real Madrid's lack of offensive enthusiasm and lead the team to recreate their glory in the European competition without a championship for many years.


Judging from the final results, the arrival of Heynckes allowed Real Madrid, who had been frequently criticized for "dull scenes" during Capello's period, to reappear a sense of active offense. They scored a total of 63 goals in La Liga during the 1997-1998 season. They are the best offensive team in La Liga except for Atletico Madrid and Barcelona (in fact, Real Madrid’s overall performance in La Liga that season was also quite good. They used to occupy the top position for 21 consecutive rounds, but because of the crash of the last three rounds, they only finished fourth).


Of course, today people's memories of that season of Real Madrid are almost all concentrated in the Champions League. Under the leadership of Heynckes, Real Madrid first defeated the Norwegian giant Luxemburg in Group D to win the group first, and then defeated Bundesliga teams Leverkusen and Dortmund in the knockout round to successfully advance to the Champions League final. In the UEFA Champions League final between Serie A team Juventus on May 20, 1998, Real Madrid opened the record with a controversial offside goal by Montenegro star Miatovic in the 66th minute of the second half. :0 Difficult victory over the Bianconeri, winning the Champions League again after 32 years.

当然,今天人们对皇家马德里赛季的记忆几乎都集中在冠军联赛上。在海因克斯的领导下,皇家马德里首先在D组击败了挪威巨人卢森堡,从而首先赢得了该小组,然后在淘汰赛中击败了德甲球队勒沃库森和多特蒙德,从而成功晋级了亚愽体育app冠军联官方网站赛决赛。 1998年5月20日,在意甲尤文图斯之间的欧洲冠军联赛决赛中,皇家马德里在下半场第66分钟就以黑山球星米亚托维奇(Miatovic)有争议的越位进球打破了纪录。 :0艰难地击败比安科内里,在32年后再次赢得冠军联赛。

Helping the White Coats to regain the top of Europe after many years has brought Heynckes’ reputation at the Bernabeu Stadium to its peak. Countless fans are looking forward to the 53-year-old German coach leading the team to start the new season more gorgeous Chapters. But what people did not expect was that Heynckes suddenly announced his resignation after leading the team to achieve such a good result. This is still a mystery that many Real Madrid fans can't solve.


With Sens's response to this incident in a show during his lifetime, people finally got to know the whole story. Heynckes was already at odds with many of the team's main players in the middle of the season (led by Hierro and Raul).


Even many fans who know the history of Real Madrid will forget José Antonio Camacho Alfaro's first coaching experience at the Bernabéu Stadium. Indeed, as a coach candidate whose high hopes have been placed by the club’s senior management, no one would have thought that the first fate between the Spanish coach and Real Madrid lasted only 22 days.


Why did Camacho choose to end this fate by resigning only 22 days after coaching Real Madrid? Doesn't the Spanish coach want to use Real Madrid as a springboard to become a world-class coach? It is not complicated to explain this issue, as long as we clearly understand the business philosophy of Real Madrid’s chairman Sanz.




In Sanz’s understanding, his choice of Camacho as the successor of Heynckes does not have too complicated deep meanings. He just hopes that the famous player who has played for the team for many years can bring the White Coats into the right again. On track. However, what Sansi never expected is that Camacho is not a coach who is willing to obey the chairman's words. Shortly after taking office, he expressed a coaching philosophy that is completely contrary to Sans. Sanz's strong control over the team also irritated the Spanish coach. In the end, he chose to resign angrily 22 days after taking office, ending his first performance at the Bernabéu Stadium.

在桑兹(Sanz)的理解中,他选择卡马乔(Camacho)作为海因克斯(Heynckes)的继任者并没有太复杂的深层含义。他只是希望为球队效力多年的著名球员能够将White Coats重新带入正确的行列。步入正轨。但是,Sansi从来没有想到的是,卡马乔不是愿意听主席讲话的教练。上任后不久,他表达了一种完全与Sans相反的教练理念。桑兹对球队的强大控制也激怒了西班牙教练。最后,他选择在就职22天后愤怒地辞职,结束了他在伯纳乌球场的首场演出。

Gus Hiddink (picture from Real Madrid official website)

Guus Hiddink(图片来自皇家马德里官方网站)

After Camacho left, the former Dutch national team coach Guus Hiddink took office in July 1998. Sanz has taken a fancy to Hiddink's deep understanding of all-offense and all-defense tactics, and hopes that the Dutch coach can transplant his successful coaching experience in the national team to the Legion.

卡马乔(Camacho)离开后,前荷兰国家队主教练希丁克(Guus Hiddink)于1998年7月上任。桑兹(Sanz)看中了希丁克(Hiddink)对全攻守和全攻守战术的深刻理解,并希望荷兰教练可以将其成功的教练经验移植到国家队的军团。

In the beginning of the 1998~1999 season, Hiddink led the team to 5 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss in the first 9 rounds of La Liga (4:1 victory over Villarreal at home on August 31, 1998, 1998 On September 12, 1998, 1-0 victory over Valladolid in the away game, 2:2 home draw with Barcelona on September 19, 1998, 3-2 away victory over Athletic Bilbao on September 26, 1998, October 1998 Lost to Real Betis at home 0:1 on the 4th, defeated Zaragoza 4:3 at home on October 17, 1998, drew 2:2 at home with Racing Santander on October 25, 1998, October 31, 1998 Day 5:1 away victory over Extremadura, and 1:1 away draw with Alaves on November 8, 1998).

在1998〜1999赛季初,希丁克带领球队在西甲联赛的前9轮中取得5胜3平1负的成绩(1998年8月31日在主场以4:1击败比利亚雷亚尔,1998年9月12日,1998年,客场比赛以1-0击败巴利亚多利德,1998年9月19日与巴塞罗那2:2主场比赛,1998年9月26日以3-2击败毕尔巴鄂竞技,1998年10月主场输给皇家贝蒂斯4:1,1998年10月17日在主场4:3击败萨拉戈萨,1998年10月25日,1998年10月31日与桑坦德赛车在主场2:2击败埃斯特雷马杜拉,第1天:1:2 1998年11月8日与Alaves进行1次平局)。

The good performance at the beginning stage allowed Real Madrid to rank first in the league for a long time. At the same time, the team also created good results in the Toyota Cup that year. They finally defeated the Brazilian team Vascoda 2:1 in the final with an own goal from the opposing defender and Raul’s goal in 83 minutes. Gamma, successfully won the Toyota Cup.

起步阶段的良好表现使皇马在很长一段时间内都排名联盟第一。同时,车队在当年的丰田杯上也取得了不错的成绩。他们最终在决赛中以对手的后卫自己的进球和劳尔的进球在83分钟内击败了巴西队瓦斯科达2:1。 Gamma,成功赢得了丰田杯。

It can be said that in 1998 Real Madrid was on a multi-line lead. However, after entering 1999, the White Coated Corps, which had been successful before, suddenly suffered a serious decline in the league record. They first lost 1:2 away to Real Mallorca on January 9th, then they were swept by Deportivo de la Coruña four goals on January 23rd, and finally they were defeated by Barcelona and Biel on February 13th and February 19th. Athletic Battalion defeated by a score of 3:0 and 1:0. The multiple rounds in the league have wiped out Real Madrid's previous lead in La Liga, and the ranking of the White Coat has also fallen from the previous top position to sixth. In this context, Sans promptly fired Hiddink, and instead appointed Wales coach John Toshack as the new coach on February 24.

可以说,1998年皇马在多线比赛中处于领先地位。但是,进入1999年之后,曾经获得过成功的White Coated Corps在联赛记录中突然遭受了严重挫败。他们首先在1月9日输给了皇家马略卡岛1:2,然后在1月23日被拉科鲁尼亚四分球扫过,最后在2月13日和2月19日被巴塞罗那和比尔击败。运动营以3:0和1:0的比分击败。联赛中的多轮比赛淘汰了皇家马德里此前在西甲的领先优势,而白大衣的排名也从之前的最高排名下降到了第六位。在这种情况下,桑斯迅速解雇了希丁克,并于2月24日任命威尔士教练约翰·托沙克(John Toshack)为新教练。

Toshak (picture from Real Madrid official website)


As early as 1989, Tosak helped Real Madrid win the La Liga championship and set a record of 107 goals in a single season. However, Tosak was fired from the club's senior management due to a three-game losing streak in the 1990-1991 season and turned to another La Liga team, Real Sociedad.


1998~1999 season La Liga standings


It is reported that Sans spent more than 370,000 pounds in cancellation fees in order to bring back the meritorious coach who helped the team set a season record. However, it is regrettable that Tosak’s arrival has not been able to reverse the huge point difference with the top of the standings. In the end, Real Madrid only scored 21 wins, 5 draws, 12 losses and 68 points in the 1998-1999 La Liga season. In his performance, he lags behind first-placed Barcelona by as much as 11 points and won the league runner-up.


Although he failed to win the La Liga, Sens fully affirmed Tosak’s performance in the middle and late stages of the 1998-1999 season. He hopes that the Welsh coach can play in the very memorable cross-century season-1999 ~2000 season helped Real Madrid regain the championship.


Ideals are beautiful, but reality is always cruel. Tosak’s Real Madrid has been struggling since the start of the new season.


Toshak (picture from Real Madrid official website)


In this context, Real Madrid President Sanz immediately asked Tosak to withdraw his remarks in front of the media, but the latter stated that his remarks were actually an incentive tactic, and claimed that "even if the pig flies over the Bernabéu Stadium I will never withdraw criticisms." In such an irreconcilable contradiction, Sanz soon decided to maintain the unity of the team's locker room and announced the dismissal of Toshak.


After Tosak left, Sanz has appointed up to 5 head coaches (Capello, Heynckes, Camacho, Hiddink, Tosak) for Real Madrid during his tenure. What is even more incredible is that, with the exception of the Dutch coach Hiddink, the reasons for the other four coaches to leave the team in the end were conflicts with the club.


In order to stabilize the team's military spirit and build a sustainable Real Madrid coaching team, Sanz focused on the personality characteristics of potential targets when choosing a fire-fighting coach. In the end, he found the Spanish man Vincent who had played for Real Madrid for a long time in the player era. Del Bosque (Vicente Del Bosque).

为了稳定球队的军事精神并建立一支可持续的皇家马德里教练队,桑兹在选择消防教练时着眼于潜在目标的个性特征。最后,他找到了在球员时代为皇马效力很长时间的西班牙人文森特。德尔博斯克(Vicente Del Bosque)。

This is the third time that Bosque has been appointed as Real Madrid's interim head coach. However, public opinion at the time generally believed that the Spanish coach did not have the ability to lead a luxurious division like Real Madrid on all fronts. Bosque was after the end of the season. Giving up the coaching position seems to be a matter of course. However, what people did not expect was that Bosque, who had not had a lot of eye-catching coaching performance before, fully integrated the Real Madrid dressing room with his excellent interpersonal control. Although they only achieved fifth place in the league, they defeated Manchester United and Bayern Munich in the Champions League to advance to the final again.


On May 24, 2000, the UEFA Champions League final kicked off at the Stade de France in Paris, France. In the end, Real Madrid led by Bosque relied on the achievements of Morinster, McManaman and Raul in the first half of the game and won 3:0. Valencia, also from Spain, won the 8th Champions League trophy in the history of the white team.


For Real Madrid, the feat of winning the Champions League twice in three years brought a perfect end to their journey in the 20th century. But for Real Madrid chairman Sanz, he did not have much time to enjoy the glory of the time. Less than two months after the club won the Champions League, he will usher in the election of a new chairman.


Florentino (picture from Real Madrid official website)


Judging from the general public opinion tendency at the time, Sanz led Real Madrid to win two Champions League titles, one La Liga title, one Western Super Cup title and one Toyota Cup during his tenure, which not only helped the White Coats to get rid of the sluggish record of the early 1990s. , Will bring the team back to the top ranks in the world. Considering from the record factor, Sanz's retention does not seem to be a big problem. However, his direct competitor, Florentino, cleverly seized the rare loopholes in Sanz's tenure-the club's financial problems and the mismanagement of the previous board of directors, and made a fuss about it.

从当时的公众舆论趋势来看,桑兹在任职期间带领皇家马德里赢得了两个冠军联赛冠军,一个西甲冠军,一个西部超级杯冠军和一个丰田杯冠军,这不仅帮助了白大衣摆脱了困境1990年代初期的低迷记录。 ,将使该团队重回世界一流。从记录的因素考虑,桑兹的保留似乎不是一个大问题。但是,他的直接竞争对手弗洛伦蒂诺(Florentino)巧妙地抓住了桑兹(Sanz)任期中的罕见漏洞-俱乐部的财务问题和前任董事会管理不善,对此大惊小怪。

At the same time, Florentino also made a guarantee to many Real Madrid fans-he promised that after taking office he will spend a lot of money to dig out Portuguese superstar Luis Figo from his arch rival Barcelona. This guarantee instantly swayed the public opinion that was completely inclined to Sanz. Many fans and local media began to praise Florentino's ambitions, and claimed that the greatness of Real Madrid can only be reflected by the courage to put pressure on competitors. In the end, Florentino defeated Sanz with 55% of the votes in the general election on July 24, 2000, and became the new chairman of the White Corps. The era of the Galacticos was officially opened.

同时,弗洛伦蒂诺还向许多皇马球迷保证-他承诺就职后,他将花费很多钱从他的头号竞争对手巴塞罗那挖走葡萄牙超级巨星路易斯·菲戈。这种保证立即动摇了完全倾向于桑兹的舆论。许多球迷和当地媒体开始赞扬弗洛伦蒂诺的雄心壮志,并声称皇马的伟大只能通过向竞争对手施加压力的勇气来体现。最终,弗洛伦蒂诺(Florentino)在2000年7月24日的大选中以55%的选票击败了桑兹,并成为白军的新主席。 Galacticos时代正式开启。

For Real Madrid, their new era is about to begin; but for Sanz, the eighth Champions League trophy in team history has also become his last gift for this team. Throughout the five years that Sanz has served as the chairman of Real Madrid, we cannot deny the negative impact of the White Coat’s frequent head coach changes, but we must not ignore the fact that Sanz’s use of an iron-fisted management method has brought Real Madrid to Real Madrid. Many glory. It can be said that without the concentration of Sanz in the late 20th century, there would be no Florentino to create the perfect era of the Galaxy warship.


Although the hero has passed away, the hero's story will never end.


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